Basically had my personal method, each and every day would-be International Kissing Day.

But since I have not even utilized my personal Pinky and the Brain-like powers to take control of worldwide, we are stuck with Overseas Kissing time happening only one time annually.

To commemorate this season’s occasion, Zoosk surveyed more than 3,500 singles all over U.S. to collect their own thoughts on kissing. You may never were interested in learning the quintessential unforgettable kisses in pop culture, top kissing places across the nation, additionally the preferred tracks to kiss to, you’re going to discover what they are anyhow.

The best three songs to kiss to are…

[Ok, I do kinda have a comfortable spot for the final one, but…really? Have of those Zooskers really listened into the track? It’s about a breakup. An ugly one. Not really many passionate choice for a makeout soundtrack…]

More unforgettable on-screen lip locks associated with the summer time are marginally better chosen:

The locations singles possib to get their smooch on are:

[I have most concerns and issues here, but…I won’t go truth be told there.]

And lastly, Zoosk obtained a number of random making out realities (should the basic three just weren’t arbitrary enough already):

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