History of FFLtitle icon

Founded by Mr. Fakir Badruzzaman and led by his determined and progressive sons, Mr. Fakir Kamruzzaman Nahid and Mr. Fakir Wahiduzzaman Riyead, their business acumen is the grooming result of generations of entrepreneurship. Fakir Fashion Limited (FFL) opened its door to the apparel manufacturing business in 2009 as an independent vertically integrated knit garment setup from other Fakir Group businesses already in existence.

Since its inception, FFL has gone from strength to strength in becoming a leading apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh. With over 50+ tons of knitting, 55+ tons of dyeing and 230+ sewing lines, FFL has positioned itself at the forefront of the apparel manufacturing sector by utilizing a combination of innovation and visionary leadership. Today it is adding value to the country’s economy by bringing millions of dollars in business from foreign markets and acting as a flag bearer for the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ brand.

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  • Visiontitle icon

    To become a customer centric, sustainable and unique leader in the global apparel manufacturing industry.

  • Missiontitle icon

    • Create a Positive impact on people & community
    • Ensure end-to-end sustainable product with total solution through renewable resources
    • Establish technology and information driven value chain
  • Valuestitle icon

    • Commitment: Bringing our ‘A-Game’ every time
    • Respect & Trust: Ensuring trust worthy partnership
    • Integrity & Ethics: Making ‘honesty’ a second nature
    • Transparency: Foster a culture of openness

How we manage our businesstitle icon

Fakir Fashion Limited is led by a group of talented industrialists and steered by distinguished leaders and experts in Textile & Garments Sector. FFL has ensured a balance between talent and knowhow by hiring both national & international management specialists

  • Board of Directors

    3rd Generation Business Entrepreneurs, the Board of Directors of Fakir Fashion Limited are known as “Game Changers” within the Textile & Garments industrial community

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  • Steering Committee

    Read about the leads within Fakir Fashion Limited who are implementing and executing the day-to-day management of the industry

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