• Maintaining Environmental Foot Print

    • Reduce GHG
    • Reduce water consumption
    • Reduce waste
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    Ensure A Healthy & Sustainable Workplace

    • Health & Wellness
    • Employee Engagement
    • Fair & Equality
  • Acting on climate change

      • Full implementation of 4R-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Restore
      • Plan for low carbon future

  • Monitoring Operation Excellence

    • Ensure Safety
    • Reliability
    • Innovations
    • Customers Values

Sustainability at a Glancetitle icon

1 Replaced T5 & T8 lights with LED
2 Replaced clutch motor sewing machines by servo motor sewing machines
3 Installed G-Traps for Irons
4 Installed steam traps in steam lines
5 Installed steam meters
6 Introduced Condensate Recovery System (CRS)
7 introduced exhaust gas boiler (EGB)
8 Introduced economizer at exhaust point of boilers
9 Using VFD/inverter type motors
10 Replaced water inefficient dyeing machines by water & energy efficient dyeing machines
11 introduced push type water faucets
12 Using waste heat recovery system in latest dyeing machines
13 Installation of Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) system with catchment area 100K sq. ft.
14 Implemented the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ( 3R ) program for process water which is collected from the Cooling process of Dyeing.
15 Maintaining proper insulation in all Steam pipelines and Boiler Feed Tanks.
16 Introduced Bio-scouring process in dyeing
17 Enrolled with energy efficient pilot programmes e.g. PaCT, STWI etc.
17 Installed 462.44 KWp solar panel for renewable energy generation.

Sustainable approaches towards saving environmenttitle icon

saving environment
saving environment

Saving water & chemicals by

  • Low Liquor Ratio Dyeing with 3R integration throughout all production processes.

  • Use of Sclavos Athena Heat Exchanger & Heat Recovery Systems has helped reduce usage of water by 211.7 million liters per year

  • Integrated Wash Water Recycle System by Use of Corino Slitting & Squeezing Machines

  • Santashrink Progress Relax Dryers have 5+1 Eco Chambers that have considerably lowered dependence on burning Fossil Fuel by 104,390 m3 per year

Saving energy by

  • Use of LED energy saving lights throughout entire industry
  • Completely integrated Water Treatment Plant
  • Sustainable Architectural Designs used for industrial buildings Eg: use of Slanted Beams

Savings Energy

Savings Energy

Savings Energy

  • Savings Energy
  • Savings Energy
  • Savings Energy
  • Savings Energy

Issues that Matter
  • Reducing GHG
  • Conserving water and reducing dependance on ground water
  • Robust Sustainable Production Practices
  • Implementing 4R Model throughout industry

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiatives

  • Using energy efficient & environment conscious industrial equipment

  • Use of Large Capacity Solar Energy Generation

  • 100% Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC) MRSL compliant chemicals utilization in production process

  • Dedicated Environment & Chemical Management Department

  • Savings Energy
  • Savings Energy
  • Savings Energy

Planning for CPB dyeing

  • save water by 1:1 liquor ratio dyeing process
  • Saving energy due to require low temperature
  • Salt free dyeing


Biological Effluent Treatment Plant

  • FFL ETP is capable of treating 8 million liter waste water per day
  • ZDHC waste water guidelines:
    • As per requirements published in ZDHC Platform
    • Meets the requirements of Major Brands such as H&M, Inditex, C&A etc.
    • Department of Environment
    • And other standard waste water management requirements
  • FFL ETP comprises of both Anaerobic and Aerobic waste water treatment processes

Savings Energy

Water Saving Initiatives

  • on average 20 million liters per year of rain water is harvested

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R) program for water helped to save on average 140.7 million liters of water per year


Savings Energy