Once the seeds start to fizzle add the contents of the pan to the red split lentils. Add some fresh tomatoes to the dal, salt and more water if you prefer it more soupy and cook gently for another couple of minutes. Serve with a squeeze of lemon and some fresh coriander. Easy, speedy, cost efficient and tasty. A great confidence booster for a beginner. Most of the women spend most of their time in the kitchen, if not at work. Trust me, this is the task that consumes most of our day.

Besides Indian cuisine, you’ll also find cakes, bakes, wraps and tarts on her blog. Pickles and chutnies can also add an extra zing and kick to the simple recipes. My family just loves pickles and chutneys and you can find many varieties of them always in my fridge. If you store them properly they will stay fresh for long time.

cooking tips for indian working mothers

So, it is pretty evident that not all women who get married and eventually have kids should have great culinary skills. Keep the to-do list short and focus only on https://foodiediaries.in/ things that will leave an impact on your life, if left unattended. For example, taking care of the laundry, stocking up on supplies, cleaning the bathroom etc.

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The life of working moms in India tends to be harried. Regardless of whether she resides in a major metropolis or in rural India, being a working mother is no cakewalk and work-life balance for women is as elusive as ever. Life is complicated so let’s keep our food simple!

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Cooking pasta is very easy just if you keep in mind pasta doubles in size as it cooks. So never overcrowd your pan or baking dish which may turn over the taste of it. Prepare & organize ahead of time when you’ re trying a new recipe. 1.Use spices in moderation, less is more. Adding too much spice can make a dish bitter.

Depending on the recipe or expected flavours, you could add water or milk or coconut milk that then gets reduced. Experimenting and getting comfortable with these will make Indian cooking easy in the long run. Learning about the various types of cooking is a must. While some prefer pressure cooking, some go for cooking on an open pan. And there are other modes of cooking like tandoor and open flame.

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