Jennifer Lopez is struggling to keep individual video footage this lady once got with her first spouse, Ojani Noa, from seeing the light of day. It — which is made up of 27 hours of video — apparently includes erotic situations through the pair’s honeymoon vacation back in 1997. Noa attempted to sell the tape, which includes sparked a legal battle with the balmy singer.

But the 41-year-old singer was able to get a court order barring Noa coming from releasing the tape, by least for that day. About Monday, Seattle Region Superior Judge Judge James Chalfant reigned over in her favor and issued a brief restraining purchase stopping the distribution on the film. Yet , the judge declined to stop media means from logical discussion the racy footage in cases where they get lucky and get their hands on that.

Noa’s lawyer, Education Meyer, is normally arguing that his consumer didn’t break any privacy agreements with Lopez when he started purchasing the job around. He claims that the video footage is in your home sex mp3 and says he’s just producing a mockumentary about the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

Even though Noa was unable to release the movie, this individual still wishes to do so. This individual reportedly is convinced that the recording is safe to release given that Lopez has withdrawn her claim against him as the case is at arbitration. According to In Touch magazine, the master tape with the footage is currently in a central depository yet Meyer is convinced that they have observed a legal loophole and will be able to release that soon.

J Lo’s ex-husband had been caught along with his hand in the cookie container once prior to, and the “I Can’t Imagine It” vocalist isn’t acquiring any chances this time around. She lately sued Noa for $10 mil claiming that he breached a privacy agreement if he attempted to promote the home video photos from their matrimony, which only lasted 13 months.

Noa has filed his own suit against the hot star, proclaiming that this girl wrongfully dismissed him out of her Pasadena restaurant 5 years ago. He as well attempted to write a tell-all about their marriage and was blocked by Lopez’s solicitors. In that earlier round of litigation, Noa was purchased to fork out the singer a settlement and decided not to show for money any close details about all their relationship.

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