Encourage your current customers to publish reviews to convert those consumers into customers. Your readers decide whether or not to read or act on your post in a matter of seconds. They are likely to move on if the topic does not immediately appeal to them. Example, for your e-commerce site you want to target women, who love accessories in the Northern and Western part of the country.

Companies now have different digital means to ensure engagement with their targets. Some feel that sales processes and customer behaviors have evolved and so should the model. Some argue that it doesn’t take into account non-linear models where customers go back and forth over mediums and decisions. While these valid concerns do exist, most marketers agree that AIDA is a broad and https://ontimecabs.in/ reliable framework that can be developed upon, split into more stages, and reused suitably. The very fact that more than 100 years later, online articles do not talk about marketing without mentioning the AIDA framework says something. Ambling down the funnel, the customer finally reaches the juncture where they are determined to own a particular product from a specific brand.

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The communication channel and the tools used should have a clean and transparent approach to reaching out to your audience. One should have an in-depth understanding of the concept and various media involved. Pop-ups – Introduce pop-ups to announce coupon codes, slashed prices, time-sensitive offers , free shipping promotions, and other tempting offers to prevent them from exiting the funnel. Add exit-intent pop-ups which will help you understand why your customer is leaving the page without making a purchase. Chat support – Incorporate a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions. They can prompt shoppers with questions about what they are looking for, their desired price range, and other things to help push a sale.

Mobile Marketing

The information provided on this website is for educational or information purposes only. We’re swapping keyboards for screens and preferring to browse the web on smartphones rather than desktop computers. As a fashion brand, this means developing a responsive website that resizes content based on the screen it is displayed on. Failure to do so will result in a poor experience for your mobile users, discouraging them from interacting with your brand in the future. Social media relationship is definitely anonymous but not ambiguous. There is a give and take exchange that happens between you and your customers. If you want them to share and spread a word about you then you must do the same for them as well.

When web users search like terms or phrases matching the purpose and use of your business website, proper SEO tactics will help your content be one of the very first options for exploration. If you have a budget for this, then create banner ads and pay related websites to display them. One way to do this is to join ad display networks like Google Adwords and Times Internet. These networks will display your ad on multiple websites that are likely to cater to your intended audience. Viewers can click on your ad and come to your website to learn more. You might have a beautiful website, but you’ll still need to make an effort to bring prospective customers to it.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You may only need to take an hour out of your day to present a webinar to a similar or larger audience. One of the best things you can do for your local small business is to rank on top of the Google My Business listing. It is the most powerful tool if you are targeting local audiences.


You can see THREE Google My Business listing before we even see the regular organic results. By this result, we can say that if you can manage to rank your GMB listing in these top 3, you can pull in large numbers of customers without spending a single penny. You can also check if your website is fully optimized for mobile or not through an online tool likeGoogle’s mobile-friendly test tool. Every small business should provide its user with the best experience when browsing their website using their mobile.

Your website should have more than five different ways to communicate with the business. A website not only gives you more creditability, but it also ensures that your viewers are getting a close and personal view of your business. Along with written content, it is always a good idea to incorporate visual and video-based content as well. But studies show that more people are ignoring these direct advertisements. For example, they install pop-up blockers to disable ads on websites.

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