Regardless of whether you know Warren Buffett or not, you can still find out which stocks will catch fire. Yes, 5,000 stocks is a big number to choose from, but with a determined, filtered focus on your goals, quantitative analysis will help you make stock-picking fundamentally easier. Debt to equity, current, and return on equity ratios are the ones Warren Buffett swore by as he amassed immeasurable wealth. Maybe you could apply the quantitative method just to analyse his earnings and see the results.

Which tool is best for technical analysis?

  • Screener Plus.
  • Thinkorswim.
  • Active Trader Pro.
  • Slope of Hope.
  • Interactive Brokers.
  • Conclusion.

In Stock Exchange, only the listed securities are traded and the exchange checks the visibility of the companies then only it get listed to the exchange. The companies which are listed in the exchange need to follow the strict rules and regulations provided by the exchange board and because of this, it keeps the safety of transactions. A share market is a place where activities of buying and selling of shares happen. Efiling Income Tax Returns is made easy with ClearTax platform.

The Complete Stock Market Technical Analysis Course

Picking better stocks out the thousands of options available becomes possible with Ticker as it categorizes the information about the companies and assists you in performing a better stock analysis. Profit Source Platform helps stock traders with over 40 indicators to track specific stocks and find out the best entry and exit points. This free technical analysis software India relies on mathematical indicators to analyse the trend, momentum and market resistance.

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. Mutual funds have advantages and disadvantages compared to direct investing in individual securities. The primary advantages of mutual funds are that they provide economies of scale, a higher level of diversification, they provide liquidity, and they are managed by professional investors.

What are the tools for fundamental analysis?

  • Earnings per share or EPS.
  • Price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio.
  • Return on equity.
  • Price-to-book (P/B) ratio.
  • Beta.
  • Price-to-sales ratio.
  • Dividend payout ratio.
  • Dividend yield ratio.

But ideally, Low price to sales is better because it indicates investors are ready to pay less for each unit of sales or revenue. Investors are always ready to compare stocks value in anyways. Sales or revenue of the company tells a lot about the company, not alone but up to maximum extent. Higher dividend-paying companies are mature that’s why paying the dividend is the best use of profit because they have very little room for growth.


Fundamental analysis is done on data concerning the past and present; however, the aim is to make financial forecasts. Fundamental analysts make use of either the bottom-up or the top-down analysis. Identifying when to use Nifty Future or to use Stock Future and When to use Equity Cash share or Call-Put options.

They claim to have over 4000 clients who collectively oversee more than $750 billion in assets. The types of fundamental analysis are classified into two types – quantitative and qualitative. Fundamental analysis can be executed with the help of two primary approaches- bottom up analysis and top down analysis.

  • The basic platform to do a trade of buying and selling of shares and other securities trades only in Stock Exchange.
  • And dividend payout ratio, which is a fundamental analysis tool tells about the same.
  • These exceptional range of trading software come with a reasonable price tag, along with periodic updates, to ensure profitable trading in the Indian stock market.
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  • This signifies the stock is undervalued and shows potential to rise in future.

With our free stock charts, free stock research, free stock ratings & free stock analysis, we aim to offer in-depth fundamental research for various companies. This makes our free stock analysis tool the best free stock screener in India. Moreover, our research is consumption-oriented & is derived in a way so that the investors can make a viable investment decision. This makes our equity analysis tool one of the most promising investing tools in India. Fundamental analysis concentrates on data from sources, including financial records, economic reports, company assets, and market share. Different ratios can be used to determine how healthy a company is.

In the same way, this ratio is not helpful to companies which have more expenditure on R&D and more fixed assets. A P/B ratio less than 1 indicates the stock is undervalued, while P/B ratio more than 1 indicates the stock is overvalued. Here, Market value of each share is the value per share in the market and second is EPS.

Stock Charts: Beautiful vs Accurate

Capital IQ provides financial news, market insights, financial and pricing data, research reports on ETFs, funds, bonds on more than 65,000 public and 15 million private companies across the globe. News about the companies, economy, market etc. and also important to start the stock analysis and therefore, there was no chance that the best stock screener could have missed it. So, you get the news as well which will help you get on to your investment decision making process. However, if you are interested in gaining more insights and wish to avail our premium services, then you can check out TickerPlus. The additional features such as special ratios & premium bundles make Ticker the best stock screener as compared to any other stock analysis tool already present out there.

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Morningstar Premium is well suited to investors who prefer investing based on company fundamentals. Our array of Technical Analysis software are exclusively designed for Indian traders, providing real-time and EOD technical analysis, as a licensed NSE and BSE vendor. Our software packages are well-recognized amongst the leading day-traders and investors. Renowned analysts and trading experts prefer Volume Indicator Trading Part 1 Spider Software, owing to our constant drive to cater the best trading platform to our users. These exceptional range of trading software come with a reasonable price tag, along with periodic updates, to ensure profitable trading in the Indian stock market. Investar stock market software India is for managing portfolios and analysis Indian stock markets (NSE, BSE, NSE F&O, MCX and NCDEX).

Yadnya’s Proprietary FIVE-G Framework for Fundamental Analysis

For better enquiry on these numbers, you can access the world-class provided by Investyadnya and ace the investing game. All above fundamental analysis tools have their own significance. It depends on you, how you want to value a company and what is the goal of your investment. On the basis of that, you can choose a tool to analyze a stock.

To perform smarter, advanced stock research and to perform more effective stock analysis, you should use our screener i.e. Because, Ticker is a wholesome equity research and screening platform and, rather a stock market research tool that makes stock research not only simpler but better as well. By simpler we mean it is quite user friendly and very easy to use. While on the other hand, the advanced features make Ticker a better stock screener compared to the other stock analyzers out there. The idea was to build an enterprise grade screener or rather a smart screener that solved the prevailing issues in research and besides that, provided smarter features for a smarter stock analysis.

Technical analysis uses past data of a stock to predict future price movements. Fundamental analysis instead looks at economic and financial factors that influence a business. So, let’s dive into the details of how fundamental analysis and technical analysis differ.Technical analysis uses past data of a stock to predict future price movements. So, let’s dive into the details of how fundamental analysis and technical analysis differ. Technical analysis focuses on the study of past market action to predict future price movement.

The advanced scanner provides re-entry suggestion, which is useful for identifying the most trending scrips and earn good profits in the process. You can also make use of this automated trading software’s double confirmation system for generating more accurate buy/sell signals. Trade is one of the best technical charting platforms, which helps visualize historical data through charts.

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We recommend that the same must be reviewed independently by the customers. The top-down approach looks into the macroeconomic factors first and then digs into the specific company. On the other hand, the bottom-up approach analyses the company first and then checks the effect of macroeconomic factors on the company’s performance. You can also use other available core support features like strategy trading, scanners, replay mode, optimization, reporting, replay-mode, trade simulation and walk-forward testing. While programmatic trading ensures automating of trade related activities, paper trading, on the other hand, offers risk-free transaction mechanisms without involving any real money.


This influx raises their stock price, which again pushes up their earnings. They are calculated by subtracting forecasted expenses from forecasted income. You can use a company’s financial statements from the current quarter to gauge how it might grow over the next ones.

fundamental analysis software

In case they expect further growth in the future, they may continue to hold. Some common technical share market analysis measures are the day-moving averages , Bollinger bands, Relative Strength Indices and so on. Suppose, the average PE ratio for the industry is 5, then the company is undervalued. If there is another company in the same industry with a PE ratio of 10, then its stock will be considered to be overvalued. Compare the fundamental value of the stock with its historic values. If there is a sudden increase in valuation, there are high chances that the price may fall to correct the mispricing.

These are the earnings of a company divided by the number of shares of the company. Look for companies with high earnings per share so that when you decide to sell, the price of each share will be substantial, boosting your returns. Fundamental analysis and particularly quantitative fundamental analysis is the searchlight you can use to shine a light on stocks before they catch fire. In simpler terms, it measures the intrinsic value of a stock by studying qualitative and quantitative factors affecting it. Enter fundamental analysis, a stock analysis method that uses the above principles.

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