"WE LOVE GREEN. WE LOVE POLLUTION FREE WORLD." We are always working to reduce our environmental impact worldwide, from our water and energy consumption to green house gas emissions.

Compliance means conformity: In accordance with established rule, regulations, general customs and practices. So in FFL perspective Compliance means obeying, obtaining and retaining fulfilling of requirements as applicable under law, relevant and related rules and regulations, customers COC, social custom and other practices conducive for the organization. Here we practice total compliance issues mainly in 3 phases, which are- Procedural compliance, Physical compliance and Personal Compliance.

Compliance dept. ensures regular/periodical documentation, prompt communication with local legislations bodies, customer and other stakeholders on different demands. Conducting Periodical internal audit is the one of the prime job of this dept., however it is not a only issue of auditing or assessing but also regular monitoring, tracking and facilitating. This dept. represents the organization during external audit, visit, and plant tour; entertain members of different legitimate bodies and stakeholders into the facility. Further its regular activities include -Obtain and maintain QMS ISO 9001 : 200, -BSCI, -Health Safety and Electrical Safety, -Fire Safety, -Medical Centre &services, -Day Care Centre, -Orientation & adaptation on Picnic games and tour, -Waste Management, -Insurance facility, -ETP and WTP

Compliance dept. extends its capacity to facilitate the activities of functional Participation committee, Dinning and canteen facility, Training and awareness, Environmental safety, Waste management, Fair treatment to individual and retaining congenial wok environment.